Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Testimonial# 4 Thyroid Problems

Thyroid symptoms: fatigue, poor attention span, weight gain, numbness, and tingling of the hands or feet. Seems that Protandim also reduces these systems for individuals that may have Thyroid. A potential client of mine has been taking Protandim for 2 weeks and already benefitting this amazing pill. This individual has been suffering weight gain; has tried several different methods to loose weight such as dieting and exercising daily. No affect verses losing weight but has maintain to stay the actual weight after being diagnose Thyroid problems. With Protandim not only has she lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks also gain energy and less fatigue. Could Protandim level thyroid gland and reduce the production of this disease? I am excited to hear more Testimonials. Keep reading my blogs to hear more amazing stories. Hope a few friends and family could benefit using Protandim.

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  1. The thyroid gland is responsible for many problems in the body if not functioning accurately. My personal advice, follow up with your local doctor,together with bovine thyroid and explain the feelings you are having.